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Anthony Holland

If you are reading this welcome to my page and website everyone its an honour and privilege to meet you 

My name is Anthony. I am an Accredited Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Coach, with EFT Formally known as AAMET. (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) which is the largest EFT certification and training body in the world.

Before I became a Coach and Practitioner of this Amazing Technique called EFT, life was not going to well for me, I had many personal problems in my life such as. Relationships issues, work issues, money issues, and on top of that, I was homeless, my life was going down the drain really fast. 

I had suffered from many Adverse Childhood Experiences growing up as a child such as physical and emotional abuse which had left me feeling depressed, and suffering from undiagnosed PTSD for many years. This led me to having further issues such as anger problems, lack of trust I had for the people around me, low self- esteem and lack of confidence in myself, constantly feeling sad and so forth. The list went on, but I will spare you all details. (Consequences, I now understand, of unresolved, childhood traumatic events that were still playing out in my life during those days.)

In 2011 during my studying, I came across a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) I had been looking for alternative ways to help me to deal with my personal Traumas and limiting beliefs I had about myself,( which were many at that time) I did not want to accept conventional medicine or medication as a first option, so I began to learn EFT From Gary Craig’s site (the original founder of EFT. ) and applied EFT on my own issues to see if it could help me resolve my own traumas and negative emotions that I was constantly feeling. The rest, or past resolved traumas should I say, is now history. The amazing results that followed in my life and continues to do so today because of using EFT, has not only helped me to get my freedom finally back, by releasing those traumas that I were holding onto in my life, I have also, along the way managed to learn really valuable lessons from my adversities and are now turning those negative experiences into benefits. And so could you I believe.

Today for me, life is so much different in many ways compared to my past, I have a newfound authentic purpose in my own life, having cleared and resolved my own issues with EFT. I then decided to become an EFT practitioner and coach myself, to help assist you in your journey, because I know how it feels to be isolated, feeling helpless and feeling like there is no one to turn to. However, I also know that we don’t have to feel this way or hold on to any of these traumatic issues any longer than we need to, and this is why i am so passionate about helping and teaching EFT to others like yourself, to help free yourself from your heavy burdens and limiting beliefs. To help you to live a life of your true purpose, passion, and life desires, where you can finally be free to be you again.

Best Wishes. Anthony

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Best wishes, Anthony.